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Quality Pipe Support Blocks Built to Last

The VERSABLOCK rooftop pipe supports by Freedom Inc. make pipe installation a breeze! Call our main office in Caldwell, Idaho at (866) 612-5625 for tech support or to order any of our pipe support systems today.

The VERSABLOCK Pipe Support Systems

Product Materials

  • All VERSABLOCK pipe support components are made of ABS plastic with 2% carbon black added for UV resistance
  • VERSABLOCK components are manufactured with raw material that is UL flame rated HB (polylac PA-747)
  • VERSABLOCK components are available by special order at UL flame-rated VO & 5VA at .1” thickness using polylac PA-765

Models & Accessories

  • VB1, EB1, SD1.5, VSR1, Strut (by others)


  • Each support and accessory is tested to support 100 pounds with no loss of integrity for a minimum of five years as tested by BSU Tech Support
  • With a 3:1 strength ratio, components  of the rooftop pipe supports will perform as advertised for the expected life of the roofing material


  • VB1 6” tall pipe support is designed to support .5”-4” pipe with or without hold-down straps
  • Larger pipe sizes can be supported using two VERSABLOCK pipe support blocks side by side and bridged with strut
  • Additional 2” height is achieved by rotating on VB1 90? and stacked
  • EB1 4” tall pipe supports are designed for .5”-3” pipe that can be clamped to the support with strut clamps by using the built-in strut


  • Both VB1 & EB1 are designed to accept strut for bridging and additional support configurations
  • Saddle SD1 for use with either VB1, EB1, or strut is attached to supports with plated screws (not supplied) or snapped into strut and allows two pipes up to 1.5” each to be cradled and secured with hold-downs (supplied)
  • In a pipe bridge application, multiple lines can be installed without the use of individual supports or clamps
  • Roller VSR1 for use with VB1, EB1, or strut is attached to the pipe support blocks with plated screws (not supplied) or snapped into strut and allows two pipes up to 1.5” or 1 pipe 2” to expand and contract with less friction


  • VB1 base 9.75 X 9.75 flange .75 or 27 square inches surface area. 6” tall
  • EB1 base 8 X 7 flange .62 or 18 square inches. 4” tall


  • For use on all flat or moderately pitched roof systems with all pipe materials for the conveyance of gases, fluids, power, and conditioned air (not to exceed 150? F continuous)


  • Free floating used with or without slip sheet (per roofing manufacturer’s recommendation) attached with adhesive