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Affordable & Easy-to-Install Pipe Support Blocks

Minimize your expenses and maximize your profits with the VERSABLOCK by Freedom Inc. of Caldwell, Idaho. VERSABLOCK pipe piers offer innovative, inexpensive, and versatile installation solutions for your gas pipping, HVAC, solar heating, and electrical conduit applications. Unlike wooden blocks that cause rips and cuts in membrane roofs, our pipe support blocks disperse the weight evenly with no sharp edges to harm the roof. The UV-resistant VERSABLOCK rooftop pipe supports have an engineered weight rating not to exceed 100 pounds and are guaranteed for one year. VERSABLOCK is designed with slots for strut clamps and accents pipe from ¾” to 3”.

Convenient Design

The VERSABLOCK’s unique pyramid design allows the lightweight, durable, ands table pipe piers to nest together for ease of transport to the jobsite and the roof. By rotating one VERSABLOCK 90?, a 2” height increase is achieved to compensate for crickets and accommodate condensate piping. Weighing only ounces each, quantities of VERSABLOCKS can easily be hoisted with rope by one person.

The VERSABLOCK rooftop pipe supports have been engineered with specially designed screw bosses to provide superior holding power for both strut and two-hole strap applications using common, exterior rated screws. The 6” height allows for easy installation of valves and regulators without disassembly. By using a 90? angle bracket, installation of condensate draining piping is easily achieved.

Strut Clamps

Special slots allow you to secure pipe to the VERSABLOCK with strut clamps without actually cutting and installing strut. You can make a VERSABLOCK bridge with strut for multiple pipe runs. Piping can be further secured with VERSA-SADDLES, allowing for thermal expansion.



We’ve all been there – installing beautiful, modern rooftops featuring piping that looks like it’s out of the 19th century. We’ve had to haul and cut huge amounts of lumber to support our pipe work. This process is simply not cost-effective or time-efficient, nor is it environmentally friendly. That’s why we designed the VERSABLOCK pipe support blocks. Supported by more than 30 years of mechanical plumbing and contracting experience, and miles and miles of laying pipe on roofs, the VERSABLOCK helps keep your pipping level on uneven roofs without damaging the property’s aesthetic value. The VERSABLOCK is made from Polylac™ PA-765, a self-extinguishing material that chars instead of dripping and significantly limits smoke output.

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